Create a Reflection of Falling Waters

July 29, 2010

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Reflection of Falling waters, this is a very easy tutorial, within a few steps you can make a simple water reflection…

First of all create a new document and open any image, i have chosen this and name it ‘falling water’


Right click on image and select duplicate layer, if you can’t find the Layers menu then press ‘F7′ from keboard:


Go to Edit > Transform and select Flip Vertical and then name that duplicated image as ‘reflection’, as shown below


Now put the duplicated image(reflection) closer to the first image as shown below:


Now lets make the water reflection, then go to Filter > Blur and select Motion Blur, as shown below:



Go to Filter > Distort and select Ocean Ripple as shown below:


Change Ripple Size to 15 and Ripple Magnitude to 1, as shown below:


Go to Filter > Artistic and select Plastic Wrap as shown below:


Change Highlight to 3, Detail to 9 and Smoothness to 7, as shown below:


And that’s it your are done, this is the final result:


Now try it out , get here some beautiful images.


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